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Delilah Las Vegas: Inside the Brand New Supper Club

Delilah Las Vegas: Inside the Brand New Supper Club

With the return of shows and entertainment in Las Vegas, the city has also brought back some old-school glamour in the form of the nostalgic supper club. I attended a hosted media visit at Delilah inside Wynn Las Vegas and immediately felt like I’d walked through a portal into another time. The elegant “golden age” ambiance is present throughout the venue, from the Bubble Bar by the entrance to the plush seating and stage design in the main dining room.

Upper Bar at Delilah Las Vegas |
Upper Bar at Delilah (©Robert Miller/Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas)

The Ambiance

From the moment you locate Delilah, you know you’re about to be transported to another era. The dazzling lights of the entry marquee add a touch of whimsy which you’ll see throughout the night in the menu items, the entertainment and even the artwork inside the bar and dining room. Walking through the Bubble Bar and descending the staircase to the main dining room, the art deco inspiration evokes the feeling of a Gatsby-era club. In fact, the dining room feels less like a Las Vegas restaurant and more like a lavish mansion hosting a very exclusive and very private club.

Delilah Main Dining Room Las Vegas |
Delilah Main Dining Room (©Robert Miller/Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas)

The Entertainment

The stage performances range in music genre and era; however, the consistent lounge vibe of the musical numbers make the music and ambiance blend seamlessly with the overall atmosphere of a Gatsby-esque dinner party. The centrally situated stage at the front of the dining room appears relatively humble yet still provides ample stage presence. There’s not a bad seat in the house, and the sound quality is clear from the front of the room all the way to the back of the Bubble Bar upstairs.

Stepford Wife Cocktail at Delilah Las Vegas |
Stepford Wife Cocktail at Delilah (©Bill Milne/Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas)

The Meal

The menu at Delilah features a unique combination of classic plates like the “Wagyu Beef Wellington” and reimagined staples like the Delilah “Fish & Chips.” Caviar service, premium shellfish, steaks and a selection of elevated sides round out the menu in an elegant but comfortable manner. The upper bar (the Bubble Bar) serves cocktails and a limited menu—a perfect backup option if you cannot secure a reservation (reserve in advance as Delilah has been booked solid for many nights since opening). We dined on the chilled lobster salad, the “Smoked Salmon & Caviar Latke,” “Ahi Tuna Tradito” and other fun dinner fare (the surf and turf was a favorite).

Encore Plateau at Delilah Las Vegas |
Encore Plateau at Delilah (©Bill Milne/Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas)

No Photography

Make sure to end your meal with one of the decadent and Instagrammable desserts (like the “Strawberry Shortcake Baked Alaska”)—but make sure you don’t snap a picture. Photography is prohibited at Delilah; however, the restriction is quite freeing since it enables diners to thoroughly enjoy their meal and entertainment unencumbered by their cameras. In a world where technology is king, this was an unexpected delight.

Strawberry Shortcake Baked Alaska at Delilah Las Vegas |
Strawberry Shortcake Baked Alaska at Delilah (©Bill Milne/Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas)