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Behind the Scenes of Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas

Behind the Scenes of Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas

Allegiant Stadium is the newest and most innovative stadium in the United States. This year, Allegiant Stadium (the home of the Las Vegas Raiders) is garnering plenty of attention for another reason—it’s the venue for Super Bowl LVIII on February 11. We took a tour of the amazing venue this week; here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Allegiant Stadium.

Allegiant Stadium Exterior (©Jason O'Rear)
Allegiant Stadium Exterior (©Jason O’Rear)

A Look at Super Bowl LVIII’s Home- Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas 

If you’re hoping to see the sights at Allegiant Stadium, consider embarking on your own tour. The stadium is open for public tours, and the exclusive tour takes you on an awe-inspiring journey, offering a unique insight into the most iconic venues and areas of the stadium. Every step of the way, you’ll be surrounded by luxurious private suites, plush lounges, and the iconic Al Davis Memorial Torch. With over one mile of walking, you’ll get a little bit of a workout, so come prepared with comfortable walking shoes. While photography is encouraged, please note that filming or video recording is not allowed. Tour routes and experiences are subject to change without notice, ensuring that every tour is a unique and exhilarating experience.

View from the Modelo Lounge at Allegiant Stadium (Courtesy Allegiant Stadium)
View from the Modelo Lounge at Allegiant Stadium, Tuesday, April 27, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nev.

Al Davis Memorial Torch

The Al Davis Memorial Torch at Allegiant Stadium is a prominent feature that pays homage to the legendary Oakland Raiders owner, and it’s the first stop on a tour of the stadium. The torch stands tall at 92-feet and was inspired by the iconic Al Davis quote, “The fire that burns brightest in the Raiders organization is the will to win.” It’s undoubtedly the highlight of any tour at Allegiant Stadium and marks the perfect beginning in experiencing the state-of-the-art facilities and world-class amenities of the arena. Visitors can get up close to the torch and revel in its beauty, which is enhanced by its sleek design and LED lighting system. The torch was created via a 3D printer in Kansas City.

The 200 Level

The Raiders in the Pro Football Hall of Fame exhibit on the 200 level of Allegiant Stadium pay homage to the iconic team’s illustrious history in the NFL. The exhibit houses a plethora of artifacts and memorabilia, including countless championship banners, trophies, and jerseys that trace back to the 1960s. Visitors can marvel at the team’s journey from its early years in Oakland to its present-day success in Las Vegas, witnessing firsthand the Raiders’ unwavering commitment to excellence and the undying loyalty of their passionate fans.

On the 200 level of Allegiant Stadium, you’ll also find a number of suites, each featuring part of the Allegiant Stadium art collection. The collection was curated by world-renowned artist Michael Godard (you’ll have seen his famous olive and martini pieces all over the internet and at galleries all around the world) and features both Raiders and Las Vegas-themed pieces. An exploration of the level will also give visitors the chance to see some of the original Raiders-themed artwork that Godard created himself.  

The 150 Level

On the 150 level, you’ll find the Karma Auto Lounge with some of the most luxurious suites in the stadium—Raiders owner Mark Davis has his own private suite on this level with exclusive views of the field. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a quick stop to see the views from the opulent suite on a public tour of the facilities.

Credit One Club at Allegiant Stadium (Courtesy Allegiant Stadium)
Credit One Club at Allegiant Stadium (Courtesy Allegiant Stadium)

The 000 Level

This is the level sports fans will be most excited to experience. On the 000 level, you’ll find the Champions Club—an exclusive club space that only the highest VIP visitors and tour ticketholders can experience. Here, you’ll get an up-close look at the Raiders’ three Lombardi Trophies—from Super Bowl XI, Super Bowl XV, and Super Bowl XVIII. After a visit with the trophies, tour guests can see the press room and capture photos behind the podium before venturing into the Raiders’ locker room. Note- After a brief period of exploring the space, tour guests will be asked to turn off all phones and cameras (we won’t ruin the surprise). After this, you’ll get another closer look at the field before visiting the Wynn Field Club—an exclusive night club open on game days to provide the ultimate Las Vegas experience.  

Champions Club at Allegiant Stadium (Courtesy Allegiant Stadium)
Champions Club at Allegiant Stadium (Courtesy Allegiant Stadium)


The magnificent venue is a state-of-the-art facility designed with modern technology and sustainability in mind, boasting a seating capacity of 65,000 spectators. Just off the Las Vegas Strip, the massive stadium cuts quite a figure on the city’s skyline. While the interior and exterior of the stadium are massively impressive, we’d be remiss if we didn’t note all of the amazing, innovative sustainability efforts the stadium has taken to reduce its footprint on our planet. 

Allegiant Stadium is more than just a sports and entertainment venue—it’s a sustainable powerhouse. The stadium is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint by implementing a range of policies focused on being environmentally responsible and eliminating waste wherever possible. One of the most impressive efforts is their waste diversion program, which has found new uses for 20 different material streams. By composting or redirecting 160,800 pounds of waste—including all grass clippings, used rubber turf pellets, and over 650 pounds of food scraps and paper products daily—the stadium has reduced greenhouse gases and created viable compost material for plants. Allegiant Stadium also has oodles of energy-optimizing features, like a recyclable ETFE roof for insulation, climate adaptability, self-cleaning abilities, a high-efficiency cooling tower, a chiller plant, and air handling units. The venue also has water-efficient fixtures that save 535 million gallons of water each year. In essence, Allegiant Stadium is taking strides to ensure a sustainable future for our planet, one groundbreaking, eco-friendly initiative at a time!

Allegiant Stadium Night View (Courtesy Allegiant Stadium)