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Absinthe Celebrates 11 Years in Las Vegas

Absinthe Celebrates 11 Years in Las Vegas

Last week, fans, local celebrities and industry experts descended upon the Spiegeltent on the Roman Plaza at Caesars Palace for the 11th Anniversary of Absinthe.

“It’s been three years since we have been able to celebrate Absinthe’s anniversary with a proper party,” said Ross Mollison, Spiegelworld’s Impresario Extraordinaire.

“The reason we are still here after 11 years is because of the love and dedication of everyone who works on the show: who keep it constantly evolving and delighting Las Vegas audiences. With all that our team has gone through recently and the challenges they still face, this party is for them. We can’t thank everyone enough as we continue to break records year after year.”

"Absinthe" Anniversary Cake Las Vegas |
Absinthe Anniversary Cake (Courtesy Spiegelworld)

Happy 11th Anniversary Absinthe

We were invited to attend the exceptional performance with other press members (it’s been one of our favorite shows since its opening in 2011) and had a chance to chat with performers and crew members about the show. Following the performance, the Spiegeltent transformed into a late-night dance party complete with food, cocktails and a large green cake to commemorate the anniversary.

A Fan Favorite

It’s no secret that Absinthe is a fan favorite among locals and tourists. “Every single person needs a reprieve from our daily lives,” Company Manager Ben Lewis told us. “Spiegelworld’s Absinthe delivers that with an unparallel and bold vision of live entertainment.”

“I love the uniqueness of the hosts of the show, The Gazillionaire and Wanda Widdles. Their comedy is unmatched, in my opinion,” Lijana Wallenda, Resident Costume Designer, said. “I think they bring such a great contrast to the world-class artists performing in the show. One minute you’re laughing so hard your belly hurts, and the next moment your jaw is dropped in awe of the incredible feats you see on stage. I think it’s so inspiring to see these artists do the seemingly impossible with such beauty and grace. And I love how intimate the space is. You can see every little detail because you are so close to the stage. There is no bad seat in the house.”

Wanda Widdles at "Absinthe" Las Vegas |
Wanda Widdles at Absinthe (©Powers Imagery, Brenton Ho)

Audiences Keep Coming Back

So what is it that keeps fans coming back to the show continuously? “Due to its intimate setup, I would say that it’s the emotions that performers give on stage, kind of like your favorite song that you have heard over 1,000 times but still come back to it, because it triggers something in you and touches your soul,” Michal Furmanczyk aka Misha10pack of the Duo Vectors told us. “I think experiencing the joy and talent of all performers giving their everything on stage is one of the most unique sensations audiences can feel just the feet away from the action.”

His performing partner, Lukasz Szczerba, added, “Over the years, coming to see Absinthe and other Spiegelworld shows became a tradition or even a lifestyle both for visitors and locals. It’s just what you have to do to have a full Las Vegas experience.”

Wallenda told us, “I think it’s just such a fun night, seeing Absinthe. There’s nothing quite like it. And you never know what will happen or what you’ll see that show because the show is continuously morphing.”

We caught up with David O’mer about the bathtub performance since it’s a local fan favorite. “That was basically just a quick idea! You’re always trying to figure out something that makes you stand out. Especially when you look to the future, and you know that the next generation is always going to do crazier things. To find something that was a little bit unique, I think that was the initial idea. We tried things out, and that one stuck.”

"Absinthe" Cast Las Vegas |
Absinthe Cast (Courtesy Spiegelworld)

Long-Running Performers

In addition to having a long-running fanbase, many of the performers have been with the company for many years. Alexa Fang is currently the Director of Wellness and Physical Therapy but was formerly an aerial straps performer. “I have been with the show for 9.5 years. We came in 2012 expecting to stay for just three to six months… almost ten years later, we are so lucky to have been part of this amazing show for so long!”

Furmanczyk and Szczerba have been with the team since its first days. Furmanczyk told us, “I had the enormous pleasure and honor to be part of the original creation of Absinthe Vegas in early 2011,” while Szczerba said, “We were lucky enough to be a part of the creation of Absinthe in Las Vegas that started in 2011. I still remember how impressed we were when we saw Las Vegas Strip and Caesars Palace for the first time.”

Aerialist Ming Fang has been with the show for ten years and shared his view on the show’s evolution, “I think it’s getting more popular. It’s getting better and better. I feel like it’s the best show on the Strip!”

O’Mer has been with the show for years and gave us some insight into recent changes, “First of all, we’ve doubled the capacity basically, and we’re doing 16 shows a week now. So that made it necessary to have a bigger cast and so many more acts. And those casts are interchangeable, so there’s a lot of moving. You’ll see a slightly different show every day.”

Lost Souls at "Absinthe" Las Vegas |
Lost Souls at Absinthe (©Powers Imagery, Brenton Ho)

A Unique Model For Success

Lewis believes much of the success of Absinthe is based on its particular model. “Absinthe is unique largely due to our unapologetic approach. We’re nimble with our presentation, we’re relevant with our comedy, and our humanized approach to superhuman feats is the right way to present the best show in Las Vegas.”

Alexa Fang agrees, “We are always trying to push the boundaries of strength, flexibility, comedy, emotion and drama! It’s never the same, but always an exciting and intriguing night out! There’s always something different, always something new. Adding little things here and there like the tree and the lights. It’s always growing, always a surprise!”

Chair Mountain at "Absinthe" Las Vegas |
Chair Mountain at Absinthe (©Powers Imagery, Brenton Ho)