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A Visit to Hollywood for Every Type of Traveler

A Visit to Hollywood for Every Type of Traveler

Hollywood may be a notion to many people, but it’s more than just a name. The very distinct neighborhood is home to countless bars, restaurants, hotels and both classic and offbeat attractions for every interest. We’ve rounded up some of the best places to eat and visit, depending on what type of trip you’re hoping to have.

A Guide to Hollywood For Every Mood

Dream Hollywood

Whether you’re hoping for a classic stay or a quirky one, check out Dream Hollywood. The property recently invited us in for a hosted visit, and we loved the comfortable space so much that it was difficult to tear ourselves out of the room (as is evident by the three Uber Eats orders we placed in lieu of leaving the room). Make sure to try and catch one of the property’s two robots—Geoffrey and Alfred. They’re adorable and extremely helpful (and perfect for an Instagram Reel).

We stayed in a Silver King Balcony Room with a fantastic view of the West Hollywood skyline and an even more stunning sunset. The spacious bathrooms were equipped with Karl Lagerfeld toiletries (possibly the most sophisticated we’ve ever seen), and the mirrored walls around the room made the space feel brighter, more extensive and impossibly more open (in a good way).

Silver King Balcony Room at Dream Hollywood Los Angeles |
Silver King Balcony Room at Dream Hollywood (©Melanie Lee)

If you’re looking to stay on the property as much as possible, The Highlight Room is located on the tenth floor adjacent to the pool. With open-air space and glass walls, you’re guaranteed a stunning view from the restaurant and the pool area. Just inside the entrance to the hotel, you’ll find the Sunrise Cafe—a perfect quick stop for a morning caffeine fix of La Colombe Coffee.

One of the numerous fantastic features of Dream Hollywood is undoubtedly its prime location. The property is just steps from both Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. From here, you’re minutes away from a slew of restaurants with fine dining options and local varieties. If you’re in the mood for a drink, there are bars for every personality lining the streets.

Alley to The Highlight Room and Pool at Dream Hollywood Los Angeles |
Alley to The Highlight Room and Pool at Dream Hollywood (©Melanie Lee)

Snack Time

There are plenty of great snack options within a two-mile radius. If you’re a donut lover, make a visit to Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts. Owned by the Rancor Master himself, Danny Trejo, you’ll find a fun variety of flavors in some of the lightest donut doughs we’ve ever had. We ordered ours via Uber Eats and got a half-dozen selection of surprises, including the “Margarita” and the “Quiñceanera.”

Assortment From Trejo's Coffee & Donuts Los Angeles |
Assortment From Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts (©Melanie Lee)


Among the hundreds of things to do in Hollywood, you may find it challenging to narrow down your options. If you’re a fan of Marvel, Disney or Star Wars, consider making a trip to Funko Hollywood. The massive store feels almost like a miniature theme park (especially when the “It’s a Small World” song is playing). The space is filled with exclusive merchandise and fun photo ops for the whole family. Each room is dedicated to a different type of fandom, including Harry Potter, DC Comics and anime.

Thanos Display at Funko Hollywood Los Angeles |
Thanos Display at Funko Hollywood (©Melanie Lee)

Dinner Time

While there are endless dining options mere steps away from your hotel, there are two great options that are even closer. If you’re in the mood for an upscale Asian dining experience, Tao and its cavernous space provide a fantastic night out for a romantic night on the town or a celebration with friends or family. The “Satay of Chilean Sea Bass,” “Lobster Wontons,” and the selection of sushi and sashimi are popular options for diners.

Giant Fortune Cookie at Tao LA Los Angeles |
Giant Fortune Cookie at Tao LA (Courtesy Tao Group Hospitality)

An equally delightful experience with a quirky twist is Beauty & Essex. The restaurant has locations in Las Vegas, and New York City in addition to Los Angeles and each location features a fully operational pawn shop as its entrance. Make a point to peruse the unique selection before settling into the restaurant for dinner. The “Grilled Cheese, Smoked Bacon & Tomato Soup Dumplings” is a fun twist on a beloved comfort food, and the “Little French Dips” are another shareable favorite.

Grilled Cheese, Smoked Bacon & Tomato Soup Dumplings at Beauty & Essex Los Angeles |
Grilled Cheese, Smoked Bacon & Tomato Soup Dumplings at Beauty & Essex (Courtesy Tao Group Hospitality)

Drink Up

If you’re in the mood for something a little more trendy but still with just a touch of quirk, check out The Powder Room. Visitors can enjoy spiked milkshakes like “The Dorian Gray” and bar bites like the “Thai Deviled Eggs” or the “Portobello Mushroom Risotto Croquettes.” The cool space and creative cocktails (like the “Miami Vice”) make for a fun, chill night out.

For a fun night out in a unique locale, check out the Scum & Villainy Cantina. Look familiar? The space is modeled after the cantina in Star Wars. It’s not just for Star Wars fans, though—the menu pays homage to fandoms of all kinds with drinks and bites dedicated to Marvel (the “Rocket and Groot Salad” and the “Wakanda Forever,” for instance), Lord of the Rings (the “Shire Fried Taters” and “Hobbiton Ale”) and Game of Thrones (“Dracarys”). The vibe is chill, and it’s the perfect place to have a rousing discussion of all fandoms.

Entry Seating at Scum & Villainy Cantina Los Angeles |
Entry Seating at Scum & Villainy Cantina (©Melanie Lee)