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A Sky-High Cocktail Experience in New York City

A Sky-High Cocktail Experience in New York City

The awe-inspiring heights of Nubeluz atop the 50th Floor of The Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad offer an experience like no other in NYC. Award-winning Chef José Andrés created this exclusive rooftop restaurant with modern interpretations of classic cocktails and a menu that will delight even the pickiest palate.

Visiting Nubeluz by Chef José Andrés in New York City

With unmatched 270-degree views of the city skyline and a stylish interior, Nubeluz is the perfect cocktail destination for an unforgettable night. “The first feeling you have upon entering Nubeluz is that you truly are in the clouds,” Executive Chef Partner of José Andrés Group, Rick Billings, told us. “We knew with a view like that, 50 floors up in the sky; we had to have drinks and food as elevated as the space.”

“Nubeluz was envisioned as a lightbox in the sky by globally renowned architect Rafael Viñoly and brought to life by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. Guests enjoy the stylish interior coupled with remarkable 270-degree views of the New York City skyline from the rooftop.”

Nubeluz Interior New York | The Welcome Guide®
Nubeluz Interior (©Björn Wallander)

Dining at Nubeluz

Guests can choose from signature creations crafted by skilled mixologists and tasty bites inspired by global cuisine trends. “Up here, you really have the opportunity to enjoy a unique and incredible experience,” Billings said of the dining experience. “I would make sure to order the hand-carved Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, served on top of a light crunchy airbread, with fresh tomato.”

The cocktail menu includes a variety of classic and signature cocktails, along with a fun selection of zero-proof mocktails. For an elevated experience, bottle service is available too. The food menu includes several upscale snack and sandwich options and various caviar offerings. “The beverage team did an amazing job with the cocktails, so we knew we needed to match the sophistication,” Billings explained. “The food is meant to be enjoyed with your hands, so it is elevated and fun at the same time.”

If you have a hard time deciding what to order, BIllings has some recommendations. “The cones are a great way to snack on while enjoying the views and drinks. Start with a caviar cone or a ‘Bagel and lox’ cone, and don’t forget to end your experience with the sweet cones!”

Sweet Cones and Cocktails at Nubeluz New York | The Welcome Guide®
Sweet Cones and Cocktails (©Liz Clayman)

The Nubeluz Beverage Program

Each cocktail comes with its own unique presentation, ensuring that every moment spent at Nubeluz is truly special. If you’re a fan of Chef’s cuisine, you might recognize just a few items. “The Salt Air Margarita, Floral Cloud and Foggy Hill cocktails are items that can be found at some of Chef José Andrés other restaurants,” Miguel Lancha – Cocktail innovator for José Andrés Group, told us.

If you’re looking for recommendations, Lancha has some suggestions. “Our cocktails standouts at Nubeluz include Firefly, Foggy Hill, Polka Dotted Coleman, and Taken for Granted.” As for his personal favorites? “My top cocktails on the menu are the Daiquiri Fragante, Firefly, Polka Dotted Coleman, Taken for Granted, as well as the Salt Air Margarita, Floral Cloud and Foggy Hill.”

Foggy Hill + José_s Caviar Service at Nubeluz New York | The Welcome Guide®
Foggy Hill + José_s Caviar Service (©Liz Clayman)