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A Luxurious Experience in Tuscany

A Luxurious Experience in Tuscany

In the mood for a truly opulent adventure? Agriturismo Casetta in Tuscany might have the answer. If you’ve got the cash )about $13,000 USD) and five friends in the mood for a once-in-a-lifetime luxe event, you can book The Equine Experience at Casetta, a partnership with Alterreno.

The experience includes the entire house of five suites, daily breakfast, lunch and tea, a welcome dinner and more. The most unique aspect of the experience is, of course, the equine portion with a horsemanship expert. We talked with Agriturismo Casetta owner Xenia Lemos about the experience.

Grounds of Agriturismo Casetta in Tuscany |
Property Grounds (Courtesy Agriturismo Casetta)

A Luxe Equine Experience in Tuscany

What makes “The Equine Experience at Casetta” truly unique?

Lemos: I believe the experience goes beyond basic wellness offerings like yoga or massage— although, of course, Casetta offers that too. This experience is for guests who are seeking deeper mental and emotional wellness. It’s a guided interaction with the amazing perceptive capability of the horse, a three-day coaching experience allowing guests to truly focus and explore themselves from the inside out.

What inspired the experience? 

Lemos: Angelika Schneider is not only an extraordinary horsemanship expert; she’s one of my closest friends. When I learned about these coaching sessions, I was amazed at the perceptive capabilities of the horses under her guidance, and I asked her if she would allow us to offer it to our guests. Everyone who has participated has been wowed. It’s like nothing they’ve ever done before anywhere.

Equine Experience Grounds at Agriturismo Casetta Tuscany |
Equine Experience Grounds (Courtesy Agriturismo Casetta)

Has Casetta done similar events in the past? 

Lemos: This is part of the Enrichment Series I have launched and one that truly focuses on prioritizing one’s inner wellbeing. My Enrichment Series gives guests truly immersive experiences in food, wine tasting, biking, art, and music. They are led by my closest network of experts whose passion and joy is to share this with my visitors. I customize the enrichment series to what my guests want to experience.

What do you want guests to take away from the event? 

Lemos: I hope they can say they had grown within the time they were at Casetta. I want my guests to see the incredible capabilities that a horse has and to walk away with a new perspective, and their eyes opened. I want them to have the opportunity to experience something that they can leave with and remember for the rest of their lifetime, something that truly leaves an impact on them.

What makes Casetta the perfect destination for an adventure such as this? 

Lemos: Casetta is the perfect place for an experience like this as it is in the heart of the most beautiful countryside of Tuscany, surrounded by the hills of Chianti. It’s a tranquil atmosphere with lush farmland, wide-open spaces, and incredible scenery for my guests to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It complements the journey of self-discovery for our guests.

The Equine Experience at Agriturismo Casetta Tuscany |
The Equine Experience (Courtesy Agriturismo Casetta)