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A Look at “Stranger Things: The Experience”

A Look at “Stranger Things: The Experience”

Though most fans have undoubtedly watched the entirety of Stranger Things season four, the excitement for the show has not died down. Adding to the fandom is the new addition of Stranger Things: The Experience in Toronto and Seattle. The immersive experience allows visitors to enter Hawkins and the Upside Down to become part of the world of Stranger Things. We talked with the team at Netflix to see what fans and visitors can expect when they visit the experience.

Inside Stranger Things: The Experience

I attended a Stranger Things Drive Through experience in Los Angeles in 2021 and was fascinated by the amount of detail that went into it. Will some of the same elements be featured in “Stranger Things: The Experience?”
Netflix: Stranger Things: The Experience is a fully interactive and immersive adventure. It invites fans to really step into a new episode of the show, where they come to discover that things are not what they seem – and eventually find themselves in the darker side of Hawkins Lab and the Upside Down.

Fans get to step inside the global hit series and explore some of the most iconic settings in a new intimate and guided adventure. They must work alongside their favorite characters and help save the town of Hawkins.

After their perilous escape from the Upside Down, visitors arrive in the neon world of Mix-Tape – an immersive hub where they can enjoy a nostalgic throwback to the 80s with delicious themed food and drinks and fun photo ops and cool collectibles. They are free to explore (and take plenty of pictures of) every element of the Stranger Things world, such as grabbing a USS Butterscotch Sundae at Scoops Ahoy, knocking off MADMAX’s high score at the Palace Arcade, and even encountering a Demogorgon in the Upside Down.

Mix-Tape at "Stranger Things: The Experience" |
Mix-Tape at “Stranger Things: The Experience” (Courtesy Netflix)

Will the experiences be the same, or will there be a slight variation?
Netflix: While the experience is the same in both cities, each production taps into the local artist communities of the cities they travel to, which means you get a unique performance with each cast. Aside from that, the production has to adapt to many different venues as it tours, so there are slight variations in guest flow and overall layout.

Does the experience feature elements and storyline from all of the seasons or just the first three?
Netflix: All of our favorite Stranger Things characters from Seasons 1 – 3 will appear in the experience. While the storyline of the experience is influenced by the characters and plot line in Season 4, it was co-written with the series creators themselves and is intended to be its own new and unique story.

Are there any fun facts or statistics about the experience that you can share?
Netflix: The supernatural powers seen in the experience were defined in collaboration with the series talent, including the Duffer brothers, to fit with the Rainbow Room’s study subjects at Hawkins Lab. We worked very closely with the team to bring this to life in a way that provides fans an authentic opportunity to be the hero of a new Stranger Things adventure.

The Experience has so far attracted more than 190,000 people, many celebrating exciting moments such as family reunions in full 80s wear, milestone birthdays and even a few engagements with demogorgon-shaped rings!

Is the experience easy to follow for those who may not have seen the show yet?
Netflix: It is not essential to have watched the show, but it will certainly enhance your experience if you have watched all of the seasons.

"Stranger Things: The Experience" |
“Stranger Things: The Experience” (Courtesy Netflix)