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A Day at SPEEDVEGAS and Exotics Racing

A Day at SPEEDVEGAS and Exotics Racing

If you’re in the mood for the ultimate thrill ride, you’ll find that and more at SPEEDVEGAS with Exotics Racing. I was invited in for a hosted visit to check out the upgraded facility, and everything visitors can look forward to now that the two companies have teamed up to create the perfect thrill ride destination. Follow along on our afternoon at the track.

An Afternoon at SPEEDVEGAS With Exotics Racing

Anyone who’s made the drive to or from California on the I-15 has undoubtedly passed SPEEDVEGAS along the way. The facility is close enough to town for a short drive but far enough from the Strip that it feels like you’re completely outside of Las Vegas. From the Strip, continue south on Las Vegas Boulevard past the casinos, and you’ll soon arrive at SPEEDVEGAS. Once inside, there are two desks—one for the off-roading and go-kart tracks and one for Exotics Racing.

I’ll admit straight off that I’m not really much of a thrill ride person. I don’t care for rollercoasters or anything that goes too fast. The idea of driving a very expensive vehicle at high speeds quite frankly made me very nervous. But that was the best part of the afternoon with Exotics Racing—they want to ensure all visitors have a fantastic time (even those super nervous drivers like me). If your idea of fun is slower than others, that’s perfectly all right, and they are more than happy to accommodate you and make sure you have the best time you can have in your comfort level.

Ferrari 488 Pista at SPEEDVEGAS Las Vegas |
Ferrari 488 Pista on the Track (Courtesy SPEEDVEGAS)

Safety First

The experience starts with a safety briefing. The instructors run down the ground rules of the track (no crashing and no drifting) and some basics on how to handle the cars on the track. They also explain different scenarios and how to manage them. The briefing is then followed by a ride in one of the SUVs. The instructors drive visitors through the track, so they know what to expect ahead of time—the ride also helps drivers familiarize themselves with the turns.

Porsche GT2 at SPEEDVEGAS Las Vegas |
Porsche GT2 (Courtesy SPEEDVEGAS)

On the Track

After the ride, drivers get fitted for their helmets and taken to the cars. I had picked mine out ahead of time and, luckily, was told this was the ideal car for my comfort level (the bright yellow Lamborghini Huracán was also quite fun to look at). I briefed my instructor on my concerns (very nervous, don’t like speed), and it was time to go.

I drove the car in “sport mode,” which allowed me to drive it in automatic. The instructors have brakes on their side of the vehicle, just like in driving school, so that definitely helped put my mind at ease as I slowly made my way towards the track.

Yellow Lamborghini Huracán at SPEEDVEGAS Las Vegas |
Yellow Lamborghini Huracán at SPEEDVEGAS (©Melanie Lee)

My experience included five laps on the track, and honestly, five laps go by a lot faster than you’d think (even going as slow as I was frequently driving). My instructor was fantastic and gave me tips and suggestions along the way without sounding like he was… well, instructing.

Given my speed (or lack thereof), other cars frequently needed to pass, and the instructors (mine and theirs) always made sure it was done safely. The fastest speed I managed was 102 mph which, for me, was still a thrill.

The Drifting Ride-Along

After my driving experience, I was on to the Drifting Ride-Along Dodge Charger Srt Hellcat Experience. I’d made the mistake of watching the car go around several times and was extremely nervous about this ride because I had already psyched myself up too much. That said, I would happily come back and do that ride-along again (even though I did spend the first ten seconds screaming).

Dodge Charger Srt Hellcat Drifing Experience at SPEEDVEGAS Las Vegas |
Dodge Charger Srt Hellcat Drifing Ride-Along Experience at SPEEDVEGAS (©Melanie Lee)

The professional drivers and safety measures make even the most adrenaline-fueled rides feel incredibly safe. That’s one of the things I loved best about my day at SPEEDVEGAS with Exotics Racing—I felt safe 100% of the time.

Visitors have the option to purchase videos of their experience—everyone receives a USB at check-in, which is then loaded into each car. It’s a great way to relive those memories, and the screen also has a mileage tracker so you can see just how fast you were (or, in my case, weren’t) going. Speed lovers should definitely make a visit to SPEEDVEGAS, and those who don’t quite love speed should probably make a visit too.

Drifting Ride-Along at SPEEDVEGAS Las Vegas |
Drifting Ride-Along (Courtesy SPEEDVEGAS)